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Warren Civil Litigation Attorney

Experienced Attorney Licensed To Practice In Federal Court

At Keating Law Office, we can represent you in civil litigation matters in Warren, Ohio, and the surrounding communities. Attorney Dan Keating has a license to practice in federal court. He will do what it takes to protect you and advocate on behalf of your interests.

Business Litigation Attorney Serving Youngstown

Our law firm has experience representing contractors and business owners engaged in disputes with other parties. We will provide strategic representation to protect the financial stability of your business in matters involving insurance disputes, contract disputes and more.

Real Estate Litigation

Our firm can represent you with your real estate litigation matters. At Keating Law Office, we can help you with property line disputes, contractor disputes, liens on houses and consumer sales complaints.

Personal Injury Claims

Damaged property, injuries, steep medical bills and lost wages can all be unfair results of accidents that were not your fault. Our firm will work to secure your full compensation if you were injured by a motor vehicle accident, dog bite or medical professional’s negligence. We can also help the surviving family of an individual killed in an accident pursue a wrongful death claim.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The lawyer at our firm understands the coverage you are eligible to receive under your insurance and the offending driver’s insurance. We will help you secure a rental car or new car if your vehicle was damaged in an accident, and we will help you pursue compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages if you were in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or pedestrian accident.

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You can reach a Warren civil litigation attorney by calling our law office at 866-268-1315 toll free or contacting Keating Law Office online.