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Warren Probate Administration Lawyer

We help residents of Warren, Ohio, and surrounding communities settle the final affairs of loved ones who have passed away. This can be a challenging time for your family, but we can help you find a positive resolution through the legal services we offer.

At Keating Law Office, we begin this process by asking a series of questions: Where did your loved one live? Did he or she have a will? After gathering information, we will look to see who helped your loved one when he or she was living and examine the shifting of assets.

We will ensure that your loved one’s estate is distributed according to the terms laid out by his or her will. We understand issues involving survivorship, undue influence and probate litigation.

Intestate Estate Lawyer Serving Youngstown

If your relative passed away without a will, our firm will gather all the necessary documentation and conduct a thorough investigation. At Keating Law Office, we have helped families with distant relatives who passed away intestate piece together comprehensive family trees, locate the deceased individual’s assets, settle his or her final affairs, and then distribute his or her estate.

Comprehensive Estate Planning

Our law firm helps members of the community document their wishes and make decisions about their assets and health care. We can do more than guide you through naming life insurance beneficiaries and guardians for minor children.

At Keating Law Office, we can help you name durable powers of attorney and draft a living will in the event you are incapacitated and unable to express your wishes. With our legal representation, you can establish a trust and draft a will to document your estate distribution wishes.

We are skilled at navigating estate plans for unique situations. If you are in a second marriage and have children from a previous relationship, we will help you ensure that your children continue to be provided for without the disinheritance of your current spouse. Living trusts can also be extremely beneficial for protecting property from future family law challenges.

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